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Founded in 2022, we had one goal in mind, help businesses promote their business for free and start getting more customers! We started a Facebook group where we started doing things different than most other groups and allowed any, and all businesses within the Riverton/Herriman area to actively promote and list their business completely for FREE as a way to generate more knowledge about who they are. As Herriman continues to grow, we thought it best to start a monthly newsletter and feature local businesses, who they are, and deals they are offering to actively grow our community.

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Fastest growing community in Utah


Business growth when you incorporate your business into a newsletter! Show off and promote your business completely free with our monthly newsletter!


Community members and growing! Herriman is one of the fastest growing areas in Utah and their is a good reason why! Reach new customers each month and provide them with more info about your business!


Local businesses, including commercial, retail, restaurants, and service based businesses!

Why a Herriman business newsletter?

Learn how Herriman Local Businesses can help grow your business

You may be asking yourself why it would be beneficial for your business to be promoted in a monthly newsletter? With Herrimans rapid growth each year, it's hard to reach new customers in the area as well as promote your business through free avenues when most Marketing efforts could cost hundreds of dollars. We decided it was about time to give small businesses an opportunity to shine, and help them grow completely free. Each month we will feature 3-5 local businesses and allow them to tell us their story, deals they are running, and help get their name out their into the community!

  • Increase Visibility: Joining a local online newsletter can help businesses increase their visibility within the community. Newsletters often have a loyal readership and can provide businesses with exposure to potential customers who may not have been aware of their products or services otherwise.

  • Targeted Marketing: Local newsletters can be a great way to target specific demographics or audiences within a community. By joining a newsletter that caters to a specific group of people or interests, businesses can more effectively market their products or services to a receptive audience

  • Networking Opportunities: Local newsletters often include news and updates on local events and business happenings. This can provide businesses with valuable networking opportunities to connect with other businesses and potential customers in the area. By staying informed about local events and initiatives, businesses can also identify ways to get involved in the community and support local causes.

What events are going on in Herriman?

See all the events and happenings


Business Events

See what deals, specials, or promotions are happening in the area during each month - feature your business completely free!


Community Events

Get info on all the events that are going to be happening that month in the Herriman area!


Holiday Events

Learn how you can keep your family active during each month and learn about any Holiday events that may be happening in Herriman.

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Come and see what Herriman has to offer!

Come see why Herriman is one of the fastest growing communities and cities in the Salt Lake Valley!

  • Zions Bank Real Soccer Academy

  • Herriman Ice Skating rink

  • One of the safest communities

  • Rapid growth

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